The Augmented Reality Game for Your Viral Marketing

Gamification is one of the most important components to generate/motivate customers and the digital scene is growing rapidly every day.

PokémonGO! provided the proof with the AR game and was one of the top games with over 570 million users. Even today, the game is used by 8 million users every day. Scount now gives you the opportunity to use this technology in a meaningful way.

Why Scounthunt?

Offer your customers a unique experience with the AR Scounthunt.

Move thousands of people into a game area defined by you.

Hide vouchers virtually in an area and let the players search, find and hunt for them.

Let the players interact with your brand for hours and convert them to your fans.

You have full control!

  • Private AR voucher hunt in Zurich as main attraction with bombastic finale

  • First outdoor AR voucher hunt in one of the largest shopping centres in Germany (Darmstadt)

  • The virtual OLTENegg hunt with the shopping centre in Olten

  • The first indoor AR scavenger hunt during two weeks with one of the largest shopping centres in Switzerland

  • The very first AR Christmas scavenger hunt in Zurich with prizes of over CHF 40,000 in cooperation with our Scount partners.

  • The hottest scavenger hunt in Lucerne with prize money of over CHF 15,000 in cooperation with our Scount partners.


Create your individual personal Bountyhunt with Scount and turn it into a viral event with a completely new experience for your target group.



Through the use of our beacon technology, we enable you to guide your users in a targeted manner within a building. 



Thanks to GPS technology we can place the Bountyhunt in a borderless large area



Define your own prizes for your target group - whether vouchers, physical prizes or cash amounts, etc. 



Animate your users playfully in an exclusive event.



Determine the play area, duration, number of wins, validity, location. etc.



Get an overview of the number and activities of your participants.

Facts & Figures for the Scounthunt

  • Logo impressions: up to 1 million
  • Reached people: up to 180`000
  • Average playing time: 3 hours 24 minutes
  • Logo screentime, average per player: 14 minutes 56 seconds
  • Vouchers: > 80% redemption

Want your own Scounthunt?

Plan with us your personal Bountyhunt with an unbeatable experience.