With scount, you benefit from the best offers in a single app. Never miss an offer from your favorite stores again.

Scount uses GPS and beacon technology. Our goal is to make relevant information clearly accessible for you.
Scount is free of charge for you.
In App-& Playstore


Scount works on all Android and iOS devices with the latest version.
In order to use all the features/benefits of scount, registration is required.
To enable scount to display offers near you, you should activate location sharing.
In order for scount to display offers via augmented reality, camera approval is required.
In order for scount to be able to inform you about the status of your desired offers, push messages are required.
You can benefit from scount in the area of Zurich, Winterthur, Zug, Lucerne and Baden.


The best offers tailored to the user in an app on your smartphone - clearly arranged, up-to-date and always with you. Simply redeem and benefit. New and exciting customer experience: thanks to augmented reality, users discover suitable offers in their respective surroundings in real time. The reminder function helps ensure that no offer is missed.